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Trip Planning


Are you intimidated with planning a trip away from your home waters?


BOATS of RI can help you make that trip planning a pleasant part of the trip instead of an arduous task.



BOATS of RI will help you with every step of the planning process including:

·        Selecting a route

·        Use of charts to plot the route

·        Selection of waypoints and creation of the route

·        Factoring in tides and currents

·        Calculating fuel consumption and travel times

·        Use of PC software in planning a trip

·        Factoring in the weather forecasts

·        Go or No Go decision making

·        Outfitting the boat for the trip

·        Arranging for dockage and services along the way

·        Using the Coast Pilot and Cruising guides

·        Preplanning alternatives in case of unexpected conditions


For most boaters 4-8 hours are required to plan a trip of approximately 1 week with several overnight stops.  Time required to fully plan the trip varies with the waters traversed, the experience of the boaters and equipment available on board.


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