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Learn to use navigational charts on your own boat.
Chart Navigation/Piloting


BOATS of RI provides on board training in Chart Navigation and Piloting. Including: using charts to identify navigational aids and hazards, using charts while underway, determining positon using visual fixes and plotting a course.


BOATS of RI encourages all boaters to enroll in a classroom course to learn basic use of charts and other published navigational aids.


BOATS of RI recommends Boatwise Marine Training as the premier service in

New England.


 Updated charts are an essential tool for the safe operation of a boat and should be carried on board and referred to routinely.  REMEMBER:

Charts never lose power

Charts work even when wet


No matter who provides the classroom training, BOATS of RI can carry the training one step further.  We can show you how to apply the skills you learn in the classroom in the real world environment of your own boat.


For most boaters 4 hours of on board training is sufficient to greatly enhance their skills in practical chart navigation.  Training can take place on your boat or on the BOATS of RI training vessel “Three Sisters


Training includes:

·        Using charts to identify navigational aids and hazards

·        Use of charts while underway

·        Determining position using visual fixes

·        Plotting courses and planning voyages.


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